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Peace of mind with pre-paid funeral plans

At Caerphilly Funeral Services, we offer peace of mind with our pre-paid funeral plans from Golden Charter. Our plans offer the financial stability of a large financial institution, with the personal touch, insight and experience of an independent funeral director.

Tailored Plans and Packages

Our funeral packages and pre-paid funeral plans are tailored to individual needs, allowing for customised services and a compassionate send-off. We offer a variety of fee structures and payment plans, to save you money and take the financial burden off your family and loved ones.

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Our pre-paid plans

A funeral plan allows you to spread the cost of your funeral over an extended period of time, saving you money and giving you more control over your funeral arrangements. Our plans are provided by Golden Charter, the leading independent provider of funeral plans in the UK. Securing a plan with Golden Charter ensures that your money is held safe in a trust until it is needed.

The fee structure

At Caerphilly Funeral Services, all of the funeral plans we offer can be pre-planned or pre-paid with 0% interest on all of our finance plans. We provide a simple and transparent fee structure that offers fully itemised estimates, final accounts, and no hidden extra charges.

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