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Memorable Funeral Ideas March 8, 2018

What Makes a Memorable Funeral

When you lose a loved one it is an extremely stressful and emotionally difficult time for you and arranging a memorable funeral at this time is daunting. It is a time when you are dealing with your own and others severe emotions and trying to think clearly about what your loved one would want is difficult and challenging.

Remembering your loved one through a personal and memorable funeral service will give you, family and friends comfort, helping with the emotional rollercoaster grieving process. A bespoke and personal funeral gives you all a chance to celebrate their life, and give you lasting memories that you will look back on forever.

It is such a busy time; communicating with family and friends, funeral directors, caterers, florists, the wake provider and so much more. It is important for you at this time to step away from the arranging and spend time with the ones you are closest with so you can calmly remember your loved one, their life and talk about the memories you all have. Think about the unique characters of the person and how you can talk about and remember these during and the funeral day.

A good funeral director will help you with ideas for the funeral, and compassionately make suggestions on what the funeral could include, giving you ideas that will make it a personal and memorable funeral for you and your loved one’s life.

Things to think about when arranging a Memorable Funeral:

  • What were their favourite stories?
  • What were their achievements in life including their career and personal life?
  • What were their hobbies and interests?
  • What made them laugh?
  • Who was most special to them in their life and why?
  • What memories do you have of them which make you laugh and think about them fondly?
  • What music did they love?

The Funeral Service

A Memorable Funeral Service could include your loved one’s stories, achievements, hobbies and interests, and a lot of funerals include these as part of a eulogy to remember and celebrate their life. A eulogy is normally read by you, a family member, friend or by the person who is leading the service.

You could incorporate photos on the order of service, create a photo slideshow to be shown in the service or at the wake. Photos always make people smile when they see a family member or friend in their earlier years when they might not have known them, or with their loved ones happy and contented. Photos always bring back good and happy memories. If you have a photo montage present at the wake it joins loved ones together to remember those happy moments.

You could play their favourite music, artist or song when people are first entering the service or when people are leaving and this is always such a lovely personal touch, bringing smiles to guests faces.

These personal touches will honour and celebrate your loved one and their life as well as help family members and close friends to feel more comfortable and focus on cherishing and preserving good memories.

Remember to ask your closest family members and friends to help and support you with arranging the funeral, don’t take it all on yourself and you will be overwhelmed. You can ask others to put together a photo montage or slideshow and to arrange the music you want to be played.

Other ideas you may want to consider:

A Memory Table

A memory table has become popular to personalise a service.  Multiple memory tables can be set up to represent different life chapters or interests and accomplishments of your loved one’s life.  Family and friends can use different items to reflect on the deceased’s life; such as photos, certificates, trophies, memorabilia, and much more.

A Memorial Stone Station

You can arrange for a table to be set up with small stones and permanent markers. Guests can write their name and messages on them to honour your loved one. These can be placed in their favourite place in the garden, in the home or at a meaningful place that they loved after the funeral. These are always lovely to look back at and give you comfort when you are grieving and in the future.

A Unique Photo Display

A unique way for a family to display photos of their loved one is to attach them to balloons, which creates a beautiful and memorable atmosphere for the service and wake after.

A Memory Tree

This is a great way to ask funeral guests during the service and at the wake to write their favourite memory of your loved one and add it to a memory tree that you can take home with you, giving you comfort during the difficult times.

Favourite Chocolate or Sweets

A nice idea is to pass out small packets of your loved one’s favourite sweets or chocolate during or at the end of the service. Some people tape a message to the item thanking people for coming and for their love and support.

Tree Seeds

A wonderful way to pay tribute to your loved one is to plant a tree in honour of them. You could ask to do this during or after the funeral service or ask guests to take the seeds with them to plant them when they get home, or at a meaningful place to them.

Memorable Funeral IdeasAbout Caerphilly Funeral Services

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