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Funeral Flowers January 4, 2018

Funeral Flowers

At Caerphilly Funeral Services we understand that arranging a funeral is a very difficult and stressful time and it is a daunting task knowing what you need to think about and do to arrange a special send-off for your loved one.

Some families ask that only close family members arrange flowers at a funeral and that donations are made from other attendees to a chosen charity. Other families are happy that anyone attending a funeral can arrange a flower tribute. This will usually be communicated in any obituary notices but if you are unsure you can contact the funeral home directly.

Sending flowers to the family after a loved one has passed away is a long-standing tradition in the UK and it is a kind and appropriate way to pass on your condolences. Choosing the flowers you send is very difficult and to help make this easier you can ask the person organising the funeral if there is a colour scheme. Always use a reputable florist and they will help you choose the type of flowers and arrangement you can choose from. A good florist will have pictures of funeral flowers to help you decide.

Funeral FlowersWe have put together flower arrangements and messages that may help you with this emotional and difficult choice:

Letter Tributes

Letter Tributes accompany the coffin in the funeral car and the letters are chosen by a family member to remember their loved one; mum, dad, grandad, nan. They can be made from any flower and any colour.

Special Tributes

Special Tributes are pictures made from flowers that relate to family members lost loved one. They can be a heart, a star or something that associates with the person who has passed such as a football, a spade a paintbrush. Talk to your florist about ideas you may have and they will let you know if they are able to make this picture up in flowers. Special Tributes can be sent by close family, friends or anybody attending the funeral who want to send a special and bespoke floral tribute.

Coffin Spray

A Coffin Spray is laid on the coffin or casket in the funeral car and it is carried into the ceremony on the coffin. Because of this it is commonly a floral tribute chosen by close family.

Funeral Crosses

Funeral Crosses are available in my colours and styles and are traditionally sent by family members and close friends.


These floral tributes are most associated with funeral flowers. They are a circular arrangement and are suitable whether you are a family member or a friend.


Posies are circular and the flowers can be seen from all angles and they come in traditional and modern styles. They are suitable to send to the family when someone passes away or to send to the funeral.

Tied Sheaf

A Tied Sheaf is tied at the stems of the flowers and looks very similar to a normal floral bouquet. Again these can be sent to the family after their loved one has passed away or directly to the funeral.

Funeral Spray

Funeral Sprays are associated with sympathy and are a really good tribute from anyone attending a funeral.

Things to think about with Funeral Flowers

If you have lost a loved one, ask your funeral director if they have a florist they would recommend and any flower examples you could look at. Have a look on the internet for floral tribute ideas and then talk to your florist and ask them if they can prepare them for you.

If you are sending flowers for a funeral we advise you to send them to the funeral home that is arranging the funeral 48 hours before the funeral day and they will arrange for the flowers to be transported to the service, cremation or burial.

It is a really comforting to receive flowers when you have lost someone close to you so this is always something to consider. Flowers in a home can brighten and lighten the mood and will ensure the person who receives them knows you are thinking of them.

You could also send flowers after the funeral to let the family know that you are still thinking of them. The days and months after a funeral are very difficult as reality starts and the chance to properly mourn starts.

Funeral Flower Messages

Deciding on a message for Funeral Flowers is very difficult and if you want to say more than is available on the flower card then you can always send a card to accompany them. Cards and flower cards are a comforting thing to look at and read after the funeral and a keepsake if you have lost someone close to you.

If you are finding it difficult to choose the right words then look on the internet for some suggestions. Here are some common words below that you can change to suit you. Your chosen words need to be short and dignified and you can write a more personal message underneath.

  • Forever in our thoughts
  • Gone but never forgotten
  • Thinking of you always
  • You will forever be missed
  • Rest in peace
  • With love and fond memories
  • In loving memory
  • Always in my heart

Caerphilly Funeral Services is a family run, compassionate and caring Funeral Directors. We have many years of experience in supporting families to arrange dignified, personal and memorable funerals for their loved ones. We can support you to arrange traditional religious, non-religious or civil funerals and we will be there for you when you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on the services we offer or if you have any questions you need answering give us a call on 029 2086 2100.

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